barefeetIt was a slow day at the restaurant yesterday. All was fine until five tables left the store at once, leaving just one couple for me to serve. I took their order and walked away and completely forgot to turn it in to the chef. Just forgot. It wasn’t until I felt like their food should be ready that I realized my error, making for a long wait for their lunch. The people were none the wiser, but I felt badly about it because it’s not how I operate.

I have noticed at work that the only time I get sloppy is when I am not busy. Why is that? It seems like it would be the opposite, but when every table is full in the place and it feels like lunchtime will never end, I can stay on top of things.

The same thing can be said in my personal life; as long as I am relatively busy and active, I can keep quite a few balls in the air. But give me some down time with few plans and expectations and I can get myself into serious trouble.

Finding balance is so important, that pace you can keep up for days if necessary but still have room to add or move around. Often it seems like when I am in chaos mode I crave the quiet and when I have the calm I can be tempted by the noise.

Lord, help me to stay consistent, no matter what my day holds.

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  1. It is amazing how urgency can prompt us to be more effective and efficient. Coming from the industry, i understand well what you mean. i used to pocket tickets constantly when i wasn’t in a rhythm. Great perspective on this! i only wish i had learned the lesson while i was there.

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