Ask the Right Question

decisionsWhat are we going to do? How do I decide? Which college should I choose? Should we have another baby?

These are important questions that most of us face at some point in life. We may pray about it and seek Godly counsel but still feel pressured and stressed to be ready with an answer, when, often we don’t really need to. Sometimes the best thing to do is to step back, look at the issue from a distance, and ask:

Does the decision have to be made today?

If not, put it aside until the day it is to be made.  Your subconscious can continue to work on it, and you can still pray and seek guidance from other wise people, resting in the knowledge that God will not keep it from you. One day the crystal clear answer just might fall on you like rain, or will be so obvious you cannot even remember struggling with it. You know it’s right, and it’s right when you needed it.

4 thoughts on “Ask the Right Question

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  1. Wow, this is so timely. I definitely have something that I have been waiting for an answer from the Lord about. My “type A” personality often leaves me anxious. But thanks for the reminder to calm down. My question definitely doesn’t need to be answered today.

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