Open My Eyes

eyesseeIt was a foggy night last night in Nebraska. My daughter and I were out running errands and we had the eerie feel of being the only people left on the planet as we were driving through town. She was delighted to see that her school had completely vanished and I marveled at how the opposing vehicles would suddenly appear seconds before they came in contact with us.

As we were driving, we went from being in a valley area to a higher place and there was no fog at all. We were immediately able to see how beautiful the city was, with its crisp lines and bright lights. I was reminded of how often we don’t realize the beauty or comfort of a person or a thing until it is out of reach. Have you ever had a physical pain so intense that you’re constantly reminded of it, and can only barely remember what it was like to be pain-free? You tell yourself that you will never take that arm/back/foot/tooth for granted again, and even reminisce of what it was like to live without pain. There is great rejoicing when you are released from the ailment, you cannot believe how good you feel. But then what happens?

We go back to just driving through a city and not really seeing much of anything. Lord, forgive me for needing discomfort to see the beauty. Open my eyes and help me to see the blessings in the everyday.

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  1. So true! Great reminder – thank you.
    (We didn’t have fog in our neck of Nebraska last night. Hope you didn’t encounter any fog-frost problems this morning!)

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