Be Still

bestillOn Saturday morning our hot water heater died without warning. And took the basement carpet out with it. Our family spent most of the weekend pulling wet carpet and pad up, prying carpet nails out of concrete and choosing our next type of basement flooring. It was work, but it felt good to make progress and it was satisfying to physically see the changes. Decisions were made, action was taken, progress is within reach.

The harder part has been the hot water heater; because it died over the weekend, there is no immediate fix. Life without hot water is not fun as laundry, dish washing and showering have come to a halt. There is nothing we can do to speed up the process, calls have been made and now we wait for the next available operator…..

So often in life there is something that can be done to facilitate change, to move forward. But sometimes we just have to be patient…be content…be still. I am painfully aware of the lesson in the hot water heater, it’s not a new one for me. However, can my response be new? Can I just wait for the fix to come, appreciate the process and be ever more thankful for hot water when it is restored? I would really like to finally get this one right.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

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  1. Boo! The only thing worse than the hot water heater is the furnace : (
    Great heart attitude! Thanks for sharing the reminder with us!!

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