Bacon Jam

Photo (44)Yep, this is the good stuff. Put it on a BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato), on a burger, on top of grits, anyplace you would insert bacon. It’s amazing, I promise.

Bacon Jam (from Foodie with Family)

1.5 lbs bacon

2 sweet onions, sliced

4 cloves garlic, crushed

1/2 c cider vinegar

1/2 c brown sugar

1/4 c maple syrup

3/4 c strong black coffee

1/2 t pepper

Cut the bacon into bite sized pieces and cook and remove from the skillet, leaving the bacon drippings in the pan. Add the onions and cook for five minutes on medium, then the garlic and cook for another three. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook on low until it has a syrupy consistency. Set aside for five minutes to cool. Pour contents into a blender and pulse a few times until it reaches the right texture for you. I like being able to identify the bacon and onion in mine. Scrape into a glass jar and refrigerate. Serve cold, warm or hot. Will last for a month in the fridge and six months in the freezer. Good luck keeping it around for more than two days!

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  1. Just thought of a question. It may come down to preference because of a difference in flavor or texture, but as to properly setting up, do you want to go leaner with the bacon than fatter and is it easier to process thick or thin slices? In short, does one work better than the other?.

    1. I prefer to use local, thick cut bacon because I want the jam to still be meaty. And the bacon fat is part of what makes this so fantastic, so I wouldn’t opt for lean at all! Would love to hear what you think of this.

      1. I have 3lbs waiting right now. Just need the garlic and we don’t drink coffee or have any in the house so I’ll have to outsource that. May take a couple of days. I suspect brewed is preferred to instant and we don’t own a pot. Could boil in a pan I suppose or “teabag” it.

  2. Wow, no coffee in the house? We call that an extreme crisis! Since you don’t brew it, I’d buy a cup if coffee as I was leaving the store. Instant granules in hot water could work, as well.

  3. Fry somewhere just short of crisp or really soft but done? I know that will make a big difference in how the food processor handles it and the end consistency. Just don’t over-process for sure if you like chunky.

      1. Okay. Think I got it now. Hate to waste the bacon on a mistake I could have avoided. I hope you are cooking yours in the oven. The only way to “fry” it. On foil on a pan. Drain as you go. Crumple and trash foil. Easy clean up and really “clean” drippings that aren’t overheated with repeated cooking of new slices. 425-450 on the oven. 15-20 minutes. Watch each successive batch closely. Later ones are easy to over cook and stick to foil.

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