What Do You Want?

temptingMy guy and I have been doing really well with our healthy lifestyle, we are eating organic and fresh with very little sugar and preservatives, and have learned quickly how to make better choices. We both feel better after only a month, and agree that this is not a fad, but a new way of living. This is a decision we have made so it’s not been too difficult to uphold.

This week our son is being hospitalized for testing; he is hooked up to an EEG for 24-48 hours and we are hoping they can determine the source of some episodes he has been experiencing. This is both stressful and boring, it feels like we are waiting for Bigfoot.

I’ve never thought that I was much of an emotional eater, but have rubbed up against temptation more than once in the last couple of days. I have heard so many justifications in my head for eating poorly, and have had to stay on guard more than normal. I was praying about it last night and the question rose up, ‘what do you want?’. I want to feel better. I want comfort. No wait, I want my son to be healthy. What I choose to eat will not affect his health, but it will mine.

When I am tempted to do something that isn’t in my best interest, I need to answer the question, what do I want right now? Most of the time the answer is not what I am being tempted with. I can choose to give in or to be strong and pursue that thing that I truly desire.

You oh Lord are my heart’s desire, and I long to worship you.

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