Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

If comfort food involves bread and/or chocolate for you, this could be your new favorite dessert. I made this for years, and then forgot all about it, until I had some chocolate croissants that needed to go away. It’s now front of mind again!

Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

1/4 c unsalted butter

10 slices white bread (or six chocolate croissants)

1 c dark chocolate (highest quality you can find)

2 c milk

1/4 c sugar

1 t vanilla


1/4 t nutmeg

Dash salt (omit if using salted butter)

3 eggs

2 egg yolks

1 c whipping cream

1/3 c sugar

1/2 t vanilla

1/4 t nutmeg

1/4 c dark chocolate

Heat broiler. Butter the bread and cut diagonally, place under broiler 3-5 minutes, until toasted. Arrange the bread pieces in a 2 qt baking dish and sprinkle dark chocolate over the bread. Whisk the milk, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg and salt and pour over the bread.

Prepare the custard by whisking all ingredients (using the same bowl as before is fine) and pour over the soaking bread mixture. Dunk any remaining corners under the custard so every bite is perfect. Top with remaining dark chocolate. Bake for 55-60 minutes, the bread pudding will rise like a soufflé and fall as it cools. Serve warm with homemade whipped cream.

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