Simple Lunch

image.jpegMany days I eat a quick pb & j midday but if I take just a few extra minutes I can really treat myself. This is a perfect lunch for me. Grilled every vegetable I could find in the fridge, then mixed in some farro and orzo I had prepared earlier. Those grains take a half hour to cook, so I make 3 cups of each and mix them together, then add to anything that needs substance – salad, soup, veggies. If this were dinner, I would add grilled chicken, shrimp or sirloin. I often grill too much meat for dinner so I have extra on hand, just like the grains.  Lunch can still be quick and simple, but so much better than a sandwich!

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  1. What a great idea to make grains ahead of time! I always think of preparing the protein in advance, but I like the idea of bulking up other foods with rice made ahead of time. So much faster.

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