All Day in Bed

imageSounds glorious, right? It’s on the list of things the experts say to do for your marriage; get a hotel room and stay in bed all day. We went one step further, flying to a romantic city in Spain first. Except there was a catch, we were forced to spend the day in bed because my guy was too sick to go anywhere.

We are in Barcelona for a couple of days, then leaving for northern Spain for twenty four hours and on to southern Spain for the rest of the week. We had very little time to see SO MANY things in Barcelona, our first day here we walked more than 11 miles just drinking it all in. That’s who we are, even on vacation, we don’t sit much. Or really at all. And then sickness set in, forcing us to cancel tours and plans, and sleep a lot and watch Spanish television.

It was a good reminder that we need to slow down and relish this gift of vacation, time away alone together in Europe. Seeing everything a city has to offer isn’t necessarily the most important thing to do. Lying with my sick guy yesterday, I was reminded of a simple truth spoken years ago: I don’t care where we go, as long as we go together. Those marriage experts would be so pleased.

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