Salted Seedy Chocolate Bark


My guy and I are on a quest for better health. We have been incorporating more fruits and vegetables for three years now, but we are stepping it up in an effort to control cholesterol and triglycerides. For us, this has meant more natural foods and reading every label to choose lower sugar products. The time and intentionality it requires is very expensive, and the fact that we are buying organic as much as possible makes it even more so.

I am using a cookbook called The Food Lover’s Cleanse, which was recently released by Bon Appetit. The idea from the book is that you recalibrate your food intake for two weeks in any season, but we are using the book for ongoing inspiration, not as a cleanse. Eating clean, whole foods is not that difficult for us, except we enjoy something sweet, especially after dinner. I found this recipe for a sweet/salty combination that hits the spot without spiking the sugar scale.

Salted Seedy Chocolate Bark

1/4 c raw shelled pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

2 T hemp seeds

2 T sesame seeds

1/4 t sea salt (I use Himalayan)

8 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped (70% cacao or higher)

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

Heat a dry skillet over medium-high heat and add the pumpkin seeds. Toast, stirring occasionally until the seeds start to pop, about 1 minute. Pour the seeds into a bowl. Add the hemp seeds to the same skillet and toast, stirring constantly for about 45 seconds, until they turn pale gold, add to the pumpkin seeds. Add the sesame seeds to the skillet and stir constantly for 30-45 seconds until golden and add them to the other seeds. Add the salt and toss to combine.

Heat the chocolate on low, stirring as it melts. Pour the chocolate into prepared baking sheet and smooth it out, it will not cover the entire pan. Sprinkle the seed mixture evenly over the chocolate and refrigerate for two hours.




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