Greek Appetizer

IMG_462579218We were going to dinner at a friend’s house and I was asked to bring an appetizer. I had cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions fresh from the garden, so this is what I took. My friend Michelle gave me this recipe years ago, and it’s light and refreshing, perfect for the end of summer.

Greek Appetizer

1 large tomato

1 large cucumber

1/2 red onion

12 oz. Greek Vinaigrette (I used Wishbone)

8 oz. cream cheese

crackers or pita chips

Chop the three vegetables, removing seeds from the cucumber as you go. Mix them together and pour at least 8 oz of the Greek Vinaigrette over them. Allow to marinate for at least one hour, the longer the better. When ready to serve, spread the cream cheese into a circle, like frosting a cake. Pour the vegetables over the cream cheese and serve with crackers.


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