News Flash

GMAI was watching Good Morning America a few days ago, actually reading it because I end up reading the scrolling words across the bottom instead of listening to the ‘news’. Anyway, two items were displayed back-to-back that caught my eye: studies show that too much tv watching can cause dementia and apparently the food in sit-down restaurants can be just as damaging to our bodies as fast food. This can’t be new information, can it? Two of the three most popular ways Americans entertain ourselves (social media rounding out the big three in my opinion) are bad for us? It was a great reminder.

We have got to get outside and relax.

Let our children explore.

Cook our own food.

Have conversations that matter, asking questions and listening to responses.

Breathe deeply.

Enjoy the technology and advances of our day, but set boundaries for ourselves.

Everything in moderation. So simple, and yet difficult.


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