Charcuterie Board

photo (40)While in Europe, I noticed that Charcuterie was often the only type of appetizer, or first plate, offered. So we tried it and now really enjoy a meat and cheese board.

Since returning home, we are seeing boards offered more and more in local restaurants, maybe they were always there and we just had to go a long way before we saw them. Now when it’s late and we still haven’t had dinner, I will bring some combination of these elements out and everyone gets satisfied, even the vegetarians.

I pulled this one together last week when we were having friends over for dinner. It consists of salami, two types of cheese brought back from Amsterdam, crackers, assorted nuts and some stone ground mustard and dandelion honey.

I really enjoy combining the savory mustard with the sweet honey and sharp cheese. And it feels so European!

Here is way more information about the ‘right’ way to serve charcuterie: ][/embed]

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