What Else?

lightThere are two magic words when someone is sharing their heart, that encourage them to continue. They could be sharing their dreams or baring the big questions in their hearts, describing their fears or recounting past failures.
What else?
It encourages the talker to dare to dream bigger and ask more questions.
It allows the other to have more darkness to share, even when they thought you, the listener, would be scared away.
What else do you think about that?
What else scares you?
What else do you want to do?
What else you got?
This may be the best question you can ask someone.

5 thoughts on “What Else?

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  1. Thank you for that, Jennifer. I’ll remember to put that into practice. People usually don’t have to prompt me to keep me going. Blah blah blah. But then, you already knew that.:)

  2. Ha! I learned this from a boy who likes my youngest daughter right now. I asked her what she liked most about him and she said that when she talks about her thoughts, he sometimes asks, what else? Genius. So I started doing it with her, and it really is powerful.

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