Break the Fast

About six years ago I committed to cooking breakfast for the family for one school year. I had been looking ahead to fall and spring sports and realized it would be difficult to get everyone around the dinner table each night (we’ve all read the research on how important this is, right?), so I thought this could be a good way to achieve the goal.

I am not a morning person. On an ideal day I would start off with copious amounts of coffee and be awake for at least two hours before eating a bite. And I’ve never really cared for breakfast all that much….so it made perfect sense to provide a balanced meal before dawn each school day!

I underestimated the value of this endeavor. Completely.

Breakfast is our time to be family. We start each day at the same table, on the same page. We talk about the plans for the day and for the week and we even laugh a good bit. Everybody has a favorite breakfast and it is noticed if someone’s gets served more or less than the others.

We are still having breakfast every school morning as a family. School starts tomorrow and we are going to have to meet earlier than ever to accommodate schedules. And even though I’m not much of a morning person or even a breakfast eater, I’m looking forward to it.

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