Date Night

This is one of my favorite subjects. I love Date Night. We try to go out weekly, and have been quite successful for the past ten years. Thankfully we no longer have to hire expensive babysitters, but we did that for years because it was worth it to be alone and get back on the same page. Earlier on, our dates were quick dinners at the nearby restaurant or a movie, never both. We would return home to a completely dark, quiet house and enjoy time alone.

These days we often go downtown to try eclectic restaurants or to the theater, but no matter how late we return, the house is full of teenagers who want to talk! We have found ourselves  in the season when Date Night is more of a morning thing; our kids like to sleep in, so we can actually be alone at home on Saturday morning for a couple of hours and then go to the Farmers Market, out to lunch…whatever. It’s not about what we do or even when we do, it’s about the fact that we are together, I am his priority and he is mine.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Time together for both of you is so important in a marriage. It’s so refreshing hearing about wanting to spend time together in a marriage. Thanks for your encouraging words.

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