Walking With a Limp

I see a physical therapist on a regular basis who specializes in an active release technique, this enables him to be able to correct my joint subluxations and ‘put me back together again’. I have said over and over that I feel physically the best as I am walking out of his office. However, when I am actively having my joints manipulated it can be incredibly painful. The best thing I can do is relax and allow him to reset my joints, often moving nerves over and around the affected area. I have found that most weeks I need to speak outloud and say, “I trust you. You are for me and are here to help, not hurt.”

The interesting thing is that my walk with God is really no different. I need to return to him on a regular basis, bringing Him my brokenness and allow God to restore me. I find myself often saying, “I trust you God, you are for me and want to help, not hurt.” I can honestly say that when I hand my life over to God and am being obedient, in my heart I feel the best as I am leaving time with Him.

You might think that I would know better by now, but sometimes I find myself stubbornly sitting in pain, unable or unwilling to seek help and then I finally get relief again. It’s ironic, but for each of these scenarios if I wait too long, I end up walking with a limp.

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