Cinnamon Roll Smoothie

We have been living kitchen-free for about three months now. A major renovation has left us with a grill, VitaMix, air fryer and microwave in the basement. It’s a first world problem, but still a problem. Breakfast is the easiest meal to prepare, because we rarely cook it anymore, relying on smoothies and boiled eggs and fruit. This smoothie recipe has saved the day many times over while we wait for our dream kitchen. I found it on and wanted to put it on my blog for easier access.

Cinnamon Roll Smoothie

1/2 c rolled oats (organic)

3/4 c plain Greek yogurt

1 T brown sugar

1 c almond milk

1 t cinnamon

1/2 t vanilla

1 frozen banana

Handful pecans

1 c ice

Place all ingredients in blender and blend till smooth. Top with a shake of cinnamon and a few chopped pecans.

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