A few months ago I read about a 30 Day Prayer Challenge for wives to pray for their husbands. I pray for my guy on a regular basis; asking for safety and success and to be found favorable by his employers, to be a good dad and a faithful man of God. You know, rote words that meant something one time, but have lost their zeal as I repeat them over and over. So when I saw there was a detailed plan for praying intentionally for my guy, I was intrigued. And because I am a woman of social media, I shared the challenge with my Facebook community, asking if anyone wanted to join me. Within two days, 55 women had made the same commitment, to pray for our men daily in the month of June!

I was so excited as more women from church, as well as all over our country, signed up to challenge themselves to ask for better for their men and their marriages, but I was blown away by the community that has been created in this group. If you’re reading closely, you can surmise that the 30 days should be over, but the group re-committed themselves to another month of prayer, along with five agreements for the month of July. We are now a group of 70 women who are sharing what is really going on in our lives and praying for each other and for one another’s husbands. Deep friendships are being made outside of the group, finding common struggles and goals, and many are from different states.

It has been easy to start the group, but quite a commitment to keep it going for six months, and there has been some significant pushback from the enemy. When we feel this, we call it what it is and dig in even deeper one summer morning we held a collective prayer time within our group, praying at the same time for 30 minutes and it was powerful! Women are sharing that their marriages are changing, their hearts are softening towards their husbands and their husbands are showing signs of growth. I think some have entered into this group in hopes of changing their husbands, but the biggest thing we are seeing are changes within the praying women themselves. That’s transformation.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please grab a friend and start a group or talk to me about joining us. The 30 Day Prayer Challenge is a great place to start and can be found here:

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  1. I see these all the time and sometimes I’m uncertain of them- I’m usually not a fan of pre-written prayers, but can certainly see the value in them. Another push in the right direction. I too, keep my husband at the top of my prayer list, but something structured can probably touch in a lot of ways I haven’t thought of before. Thanks for the reminder.

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