Getting Political


I am not one to discuss politics much outside of our nuclear family, somewhat because I feel so strongly about the candidates that I am dumbfounded when I encounter someone who sees the issue another way. For this reason I was cringing yesterday when I asked my Dad (my own father!) about his thoughts. Thankfully, our views meshed well enough that we could continue the conversation. It could have been a long six months! I realize this is a downfall in me, the inability to see someone else’s viewpoint as possibly valid, but it’s not something I am ready to do yet in the area of politics.

There is one angle in this whole debacle that I can see with clarity and non-partisanship; think about the characteristics that each candidate share. There are a couple, and they are remarkable. Imagine deciding that you want to pursue a career to the degree that these people have, giving up their day jobs and families to travel the country, marketing themselves at every turn. Now after deciding to do this, you need to be ready to talk about all the reasons you are so passionate about this potential career change, being interviewed for the job by strangers daily. Oh, and one more thing, you are competing with others who want it as much as you do, and will say or do almost anything to beat you out of it.

There are so many adjectives we can, and have, used to describe the candidates for 2016. The people seem wildly different from each other, but there are some similarities I’d like to offer:

Vulnerability – Love them or hate them, each of the candidates has plunged their flag in the dirt, announced the intention and asked for followers. How willing am I to do this?

Guts – You have to have them in spades to get up there everyday and sell yourself while hearing from the competition, and the unknown populace, all the ways that your are a loser. Would I ever put myself in this situation?

Supported – Obviously there is a great deal of money being thrown at each candidate, but what about the spouses, children and parents of these people? Imagine the thick skin they must have, and the unyielding support they are giving to allow their loved one to go to such lengths. Am I willing to stand with my family, shoulder to shoulder, against all odds?

I am not suggesting that these are mythical characters who should be emulated, but what if we were to choose one thing in life that we are willing to place our careers on hold for, our families agreeing and sacrificing, damning all opposition and consequences and really go for it, full steam ahead? That’s got my vote.

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  1. This year I sent a Skype message to a friend asking her who she was voting for and that wait time for a response my heart was in panic. She told me, and we both were on the same page. Typically I’m okay with hearing others opinion on this matter. But, this year has been scary seeing the line up. Imagine them riding down the road just to hear the other candidate bashing them…that does take guts. 😥

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