Ever been told you have a critical spirit? I have, not by a person, but God has convicted me of it time and again. If you tend to look at something – a performance, the layout of a store, a beautiful scene, the efficiency of a group working together – and say this is really good, but would be great if…..then you may have a critical spirit, as well.

For years I viewed this as a strength, knowing how to make good things better, and usually shared my thoughts with whomever was listening. Then God began to show me in small ways that this was an attitude problem, not a spiritual gift. It’s the sign of someone who expects and finds disappointment, someone who is never pleased. He didn’t create me to tell others how much better things could be done if they would only see it my way! It turns out that most everyone has an opinion, and the ability to criticize; the real talent is looking beyond what could be better and appreciating life for the messy imperfection that it is. This is not easy for me, it doesn’t come naturally, but I am convinced it is important. For my spiritual growth. For my relationships. For my heart.

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  1. Oh, this rings true! I especially struggle with this in my marriage, but I have sensed God telling me to back off, as well. Thanks for the reminder, and may we both continue to improve in this vein!

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