Daddy Daughter Ball

FullSizeRender (4)My Dad was coming to town for a visit. Just a few days, enough time to watch our son play one of his last football games and spend time talking with our youngest about her future. What grandfathers do. Over the same weekend, our church had scheduled the annual Daddy Daughter Ball, a night out where Dads can treat their little girls like princesses and show them their worth. In the past my guy has been out of town each year, but this time was different; he asked and she said yes. We have seen pictures from previous years and it’s mostly young Dads with their 5 year old daughters dressed in princess costumes, so I was impressed when our teenager agreed to go. And then my girl realized her grandfather would be in town over the same weekend and suggested that he take me to the Daddy Daughter Ball, as well. She made certain she wasn’t going to be the oldest princess there!

Our dates did it right. They dressed up, bought us flowers and took us out to dinner. We arrived fashionably late and danced the rest of the night, laughing at each other and ourselves and we walked away saying it was a great night. The only other time I can remember dancing with my Dad was on my wedding day.

Feeling beautiful is such a squirrely thing, and measuring your worth in the eyes of another human is almost dangerous, certainly reckless. I am reading a book called, “Do You Think I’m Beautiful?” and it is reminding me of the importance of finding your worth in God’s eyes. Psalm 45:10-11 says, Listen O daughter, consider and give ear. Forget your people and your father’s house. The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him for he is your lord. I don’t know why dressing up and going to the ball is such a powerful thing to girls, but we have a deep need to been seen and acknowledged as beautiful, especially from the men we love most. I am so thankful that our guys took the job seriously and indulged us, even to the point of leaving it all on the dance floor and making sure we had a good time. I think it meant more to us than we realized.




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