Every Thing

everythingJohn Gottman is a relationship expert who can predict, with great accuracy, if a married couple will stay together based on a 10 minute conversation with them. A lot of his research is about body language, and I have written about him before here: http://wp.me/p2n6WI-hN

I love this quote because it’s true, and if it is true, what does the opposite mean? That any negative thing you do in your relationship is not foreplay, and will probably even require work. Obviously, we shouldn’t do positive things just to get what we want from another person, but being aware of the benefits is a good thing. So….

Loading the dishwasher after dinner? Foreplay.

Spending 10 minutes together, catching up on the day? Foreplay.

Building up your spouse when talking to others? Foreplay.

Buying their favorite treat? Foreplay.

Giving them a squeeze as you pass by? You get the idea.



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