Photo (58)My friend Kristy came for a visit this weekend, it was her birthday and we haven’t had a minute alone in several months, so her guy sent her to me for a few days! We ate an entire birthday cake with very little help from anyone else, had massages and caught up with each other on all the little details that don’t get said when you have several hours between you. It’s so necessary to keep your friendship alive and current, and it takes time and intention. And cake.

Something that I love about my friend is that she is brave in a way I doubt I will ever be. I told Kristy that I had some ideas of things I wanted to do on the main floor of our house, curtains and art and more color. I’ve never purchased a curtain in my life, and certainly never put any up, which is a product of moving every few years; you learn to adapt to whatever is already there and keep the house neutral enough to sell again soon. In very little time, we had shopped, chosen and purchased the curtains we needed and then my friend didn’t hesitate to get started putting them up. She calculated the math, pulled out all the hardware and power tools and climbed the ladder. My job was to hold the drill and tape measure while she worked. The end result is some beautiful curtains in my living room, balancing the space and softening it at the same time. Probably something few would ever notice, but I love it.

This morning I was enjoying my newly framed room and thinking about our whirlwind visit. My friend does a whole lot for me; she has the ability to come into my life, hear what I’m wishing for, encourage me to push forward and go for it, roll up her sleeves and do some (or all!) of the work, and the result is a balancing and a softening – a refinement in me. I’m so thankful God has given me such a friend, I waited a long time for her and she was worth it.

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  1. she sounds like a treasure. New curtains are so fun, my husband went and picked up a new chair from Goodwill this weekend that I was wanting very badly. Our old one was broken but we kept using it and the price was amazingly low on this new one. It is fun and my family loves it.

  2. It’s really great when they can waltz back into your life like they just came from next door after getting the kids off to school and bring pastries for the coffee you have already made and waiting with the cups, plates and silver on the kitchen table. Jeez, my testosterone must be at low ebb with a comment like that. 🙂 Excuse me. Gotta go man-up.

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