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Who do you want to be like when you grow up? Tell her, and if she’s not already, ask her to mentor you. This doesn’t have to be a formal relationship where she downloads all her knowledge to you on Tuescomewithmeday afternoons, it can be as simple as taking a walk together and asking her questions about her perspective on all the things you have swirling around in your head and heart. You can learn so much from someone who is just a couple of steps ahead of you on the journey.

I have a mentor who is seven years older than I am and has four children. So far I haven’t been able to shock her, or even come up with a question that she hasn’t considered herself as a parent. Sometimes she simply affirms what I’ve been thinking, but often she shows me a new way of seeing the situation that I didn’t know existed. I have learned so much from this dear friend, and I know she prays for me regularly, so I’m doubly blessed to have this mentor in my life.

A willingness to being mentored shows that you are teachable and not convinced that you already have all the answers. If you choose a godly mentor, it’s an excellent opportunity to be reminded of who God is, and what He wants to do in your life. Wondering who to ask? Pray about it, God will show you who should speak into your life.

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  1. I just wrote about my spiritual mentor last week. She urged me recently to notice the ways our relationship has changed and affirmed who I’m becoming as I enter the next stage of my life. It was both humbling and somewhat uncomfortable for me to receive her thoughts on how we’ve shifted into a more reciprocal relationship but after some time, I realized that she was putting words to things that God had already begun in my spirit.

    Great stuff here – thanks!!!

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