What Do You Need Me To Do?

missedFrom time to time I need to contact our Youth Pastor to ask for details about an upcoming event, to update him on one of our teens, or to alert him to a concern I have. Yesterday was one of those days; I called him to give information and ask for prayer, and I noticed something about his response.

First, he picked up the phone. I try to respect this by not taking too much of his time, but I really appreciate his accessibility.

Second, upon hearing what I had to say, he asked one question, “What do you need me to do?”. I just needed him to be aware and pray this time, but I appreciate his willingness to help without trying to fix it.

The conversation lasted less than five minutes, but it meant a lot to me, mostly because I knew how it would go before I ever called him. Our Youth Pastor is accessible, willing and consistent. Characteristics that I’m striving for, and probably more of us should, too.

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