31 Days of Growing Up: The day rain washes away Unreal

This was written by a new blogging friend of mine, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Marcy Holder

I can feel Real.

I saw it this morning.  Soggy, pouring, grace- like-rain dripping  down over a crusty dried-up soul.  But the Real said something different this morning, it said what if.

It said What IF.  What if  you fought for Real instead of against Unreal?

An invitation to bring Me your tired and your poor.  Quit fighting against what you see and instead fight for the unseen.

The truth is my soul is empty and I don’t know how it can be empty and filled up with grace at the same time but it is.

I’ve long said that slick and shiny make me sick.  My husband and I have a decades long aversion to slick.  This morning I was over at A Holy Experience reading Ann Voskamp’s words.  She said….

When everything is slick, it can be hard to hold on to Jesus.  

And grace-like-rain pours…

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