Back to Breakfast (School)

breakfastIt’s the first day of school here in the Midwest, and we are all moving a little slower than we should be. Those first few days are always the hardest. This time of year our son has to be at school 90 minutes early for Band practice, so we are really feeling it.

In the evening ours kids have Cross Country practice/Church/Show Choir/work, so dinner becomes silly most nights. I attempt a meal time and everybody tries to aim for it, but we often end up eating in shifts. Because of this, we have placed a high importance on breakfast. We sit down to eat at 6:30 every school morning.

Sitting at the table together in the morning allows us a few minutes to talk about the upcoming day. We are more aware of each other as we listen to everyone’s plans. Cooking breakfast reassures me that my family is starting the day with a solid meal and allows me the chance to really look at each child and see how they are doing. We don’t require a lot of conversation because I am not a morning person, but it is a good gauge.

Another benefit to starting the day at the table is that it sets the tone of being on the same team. No matter what else happens in their day, we are together, and will be again tomorrow.

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