The Reason I Stopped Shopping at Target

bullseye v1I have had a rich, satisfying love relationship with Target. In the early years it was often the only outing of the day with two pre-schoolers who would willingly get into the cart and ride around as I filled my quota. Where else could I go and have an instant calm take over me, while simultaneously courting the adrenaline rush of finding something we needed, but had no knowledge of, before today? It was the same place I could sneak off to in the evening after my guy had gotten home, just me and endless possibilities at very low prices.

For years I listened to my husband complain under his breath about the amount of money spent at the bulls-eye, and I was able to justify all of it. Sometimes I would show him receipts and give him the rationale, but mostly I would not listen to his concerns, certain that I was taking care of our family the best way that I could. So what if along the way I picked up items for projects never completed and shoes never worn? They were on sale.

I’m not sure when it happened, but about six months ago I really heard my guy for the first time. I heard him telling a friend about his dread of looking at our online banking and seeing Target listed more often than anything else. I heard him say that it gave him so much stress just to read that word. Over and over again.

That’s when I decided that I would stop going to Target. Or Wal Mart. Or any of those big box stores that sell food, clothing and camping gear. It was the least I could do for my guy. Now, I go to the grocery store three to four times a week because we eat mostly a fresh foods diet, and I often pay a little more, especially for paper and cleaning products. But I know that if I run into Target to pick up paper towels and Windex, I will walk out with a new organizing system, at least two DVD’s and a rug for the front entryway. Because it’s all there, so available and I can justify it.

Target isn’t bad, but my discipline in that store is, so I avoid it as much as possible. The bottom line for me is that I may be paying more for some of the items I am purchasing at the grocery store, but I am still spending less and bringing fewer items into our home. And my guy doesn’t stress about Target anymore.

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  1. Reblogged this on Wings as Eagles and commented:
    Target is more fun to window shop in. I go to Walmart for things I can’t find at the farmers market or meat market and Walmart is cheaper than target, but I go to target for nice things I wouldn’t buy at Walmart.

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