Take Care

It’s Mammogram Day for me! Not my favorite thing in the world, but it is important. I am wondering what you need to do to love yourself?

I have a friend who has a terrible time with the act of scheduling her appointments each year. So I do it for her. Because she is worth it. Is there someone you need to remind to take care of themselves?

Dentist twice a year

Annual Physical (for women, men should go 3 times in their 30’s,  times in their 40’s, 5 times in their 50’s, etc.)

Yearly Exams (Pelvic and Pap, Mammogram starting at age 40, Dermatologist)

I love what WedMD has to say about it: This year, give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. Schedule a visit to your dentist, and call your doctor to see if there are important tests you should take. By investing an hour or so with the doctor now, you may be able to add years to your life.

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