Ever noticed how so many Christians use the word ‘just’ in their prayers? “Lord, just bless this person/instance/organization……..just fill each person with your spirit……just have your way in this situation….” Where did this come from? Why do we say this?

It sounds like we are limiting God, like we are only asking for this very specific thing in the very small way that we can envision. What if we eliminated the word just from our prayers and from our imaginations? What if we stopped limiting God to just what we think He should do?

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  1. I just “stumbled upon” this blog, and now I know it was not by accident. I am absolutely blown away by the wisdom and compassion that you speak to others. Thank you so much!

  2. Great thought – thanks for sharing it. I’ve considered the use of “just” in the context of “God if you would just….” like you are bargaining with Him or something but I never looked at it from this angle. Good to chew on!

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