Baby Watch

Our daughter and her husband are expecting their first child, and I have been staying with them for the last week, as it is almost time to welcome a new little boy into our life! Months ago Jess asked me to be here for the birth (she will birth at home) and my main role is to cook during labor. If you know me, you know this was a perfect request.

A friend recommended a book, The First Forty Days, saying it was full of recipes for the postpartum Mom, a must-read for anyone who loves a new Mama. I devoured the book, it has beautiful pictures and information about the importance of nourishing the new Mom so she can care for baby. The first six weeks are especially necessary, and society tends to expect young Moms to be ‘back to normal’ as soon as she has birthed a baby! I appreciate how the writer encourages slowing down and paying attention.

The recipes are from many different cultures, with stories about each, there are ingredients I have never heard of, and I have had so much fun experimenting with daikon, burdock, fresh turmeric and kombu, as well as many other new words. The book describes how midwives through generations have arrived with different dishes, eager to feed the brand new Mama and nourish her body and soul. This is such a beautiful picture of care and comfort, and I am so happy to bring it to our daughter.

I’ve got only a few more recipes to try at this point, I don’t know when this sweet baby will enter the world, but his parents will sure be ready for him!

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