Mammogram Day

It’s not my favorite day of the year, but each late August I have an appointment that means a lot to me. The whole thing takes about 15 minutes, start to finish, and it has the power to save my life, or detect cancer early, which can mean a less invasive approach. It’s awkward and uncomfortable and totally worth it. This year I chatted with the technician the entire time about gardening and providing healthy dinners for our families. We exchanged ideas and I got out of there.

I have lost some very special friends to breast cancer over the years, and have had many women I love walk through the fire of it. If I need a few minutes of discomfort to possibly prevent it, that’s what I will do. Every year, on time. Actually several years ago I didn’t see a postcard in the mail reminding me it was time to schedule. When I finally realized I was overdue and went in for my appointment, I made sure to inform the doctor’s office that I was late because of their error. I was told that although they extend the courtesy of sending a reminder, it is up to me to advocate for my own health. Ouch.

My mom was diagnosed two years ago with breast cancer that they were able to catch quickly. She is in her seventies, and was briefly tempted to just skip her mammogram this once. We all know that when we make a decision to put something off, it becomes much easier to keep not doing that thing, than to change the momentum back to engaging. I’m just thankful she kept up with her annual appointment.

If you are in your forties or beyond and need someone to make the call for you? I’m your girl. And if you’re local to me, I will drive you to your appointment and take you out to lunch afterward. It really is that big of a deal. You really are, too.

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    This post touches me so much. I wrote a post about this very thing awhile back. It is so important.

    What a kind lady you are to make an appointment for and offer to take local ladies to their appointments, not to mention easing their fears by staying with them. And lunch, too! So generous.

    What a special gift you are to those women you help with this process. May God truly bless you and those you bless in this endeavor.

    Always love your godly posts. Take care,


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