My children sent me flowers this week, it was a belated birthday present. I’m not certain why the timing was off, but have you ever known a Mom to question a gift from her kids? They are well aware that Stargazer Lilies are my ultimate favorites, and I received a vase full of tightly closed lilies two days ago. I  set them on the kitchen table, the very place each of them would expect them to be. I work at this table most of the day, and now have a fresh floral fragrance and a promise of impending beauty.

At this same time my college roommate is actively dying. Cancer has hunted and chased her for eleven solid years, and she is exhausted with the fight. My heart is broken because I have loved this woman for 30 years, because I believe we need more people like her here and most of all, because she has a precious family who be forever changed. I could list so many reasons why my roomie is special, but for now I am holding most of those close. Sacred.  

I look up from the screen and see the biggest bud of them all facing me, and I could swear in the past couple of minutes it has made a subtle transition. It’s definitely going to open soon. It makes me think of my Steph, who is going to bloom even more beautiful than ever, as well.

I think I understand why the flowers came this week after all.

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