Same As It Ever Was

talkingheadsRecently I had the opportunity to attend a Christian conference where the main goal was to get away and focus on yourself, reflect on your life and try to imagine what God was calling out in you for the future. It was a time of refreshment and introspection, and I am still processing a lot of information. It was interesting to me that while on this journey I was hyper aware of the people that God placed in front of me; I was convinced that each interaction was God-ordained and a nugget of His truth could be extracted from every conversation.

 I was open.

Then I went back home, back to the laundry, cooking and ferrying of children to many places. Back to work, where the people can be hard to love. Same as it ever was.

Why is it that I was so willing to see God’s involvement in the people I met at the conference? Because I expected God to show up, and I know that He often does through others. The problem is that I limited God to the conference. Why don’t I have this expectation each day, with whomever is placed in front of me? I want to look for God in everyone, and be on the alert for God moments in the everyday.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

By the way, I would recommend the conference whole-heartedly:

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