Last Day

DSC_1522.jpgOne of the first things I do every morning is to open my son’s door and invite him to start his day. He’s eighteen and very capable, and certainly owns an alarm clock, but I do it anyway because he is in my home and is so easy to wake up. During football season I would simply say, ‘Hey Buddy, it’s Game Day!’ and he would smile from his bed. He’s one of those morning people who appear wide wake and together, even as he’s waking from a deep sleep. And today is his last day of high school.

Over the years I have heard horror stories from Moms about their boys, especially their senior years, being ornery and impossible to live with but this isn’t something I have seen with Coleman. Upon hearing these stories, I have waited for the change in his personality and expected a lack of respect towards his Mother but he is still our easy-going guy as long as you feed him and allow him to go to bed when he’s ready. I can honestly say I have seen him truly angry twice, and both times justifiably so.

This morning I woke up an hour and a half earlier than usual, there’s an energy in the air that I can’t ignore. We are expecting eleven people to come into town throughout the day today, and have many coming through our door for a party tomorrow and a Graduation ceremony the next day. With all the planning and excitement it is tempting to ignore the emotions just below the surface, but I want to feel every one of them as they come. Our sweet, loving little guy has become a kind, funny young man with a quick smile and a boatload of confidence. And now it’s time for me to wake him up for school for the last time.

Hey Buddy….it’s Game Day!



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  1. You are so wise. Graduation is such a bitter sweet event… Enjoy this special time and congratulations to you for being such a positive influence for your son and all of us who follow you.

  2. Handsome! You sound a lot like my mom. She said that I was the child that just never went the the rebellious stage. And, she swear she’s never seen me angry. Praise God for your son. It’s a blessing to have a good relationship. It’s important.

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