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My guy and I were on a trip to Spain last week, we traveled from the northernmost tip to the South border of the country and saw so much beauty, met some wonderful people and ate delicious Mediterranean food. Before leaving home, I made the decision not to have full access to the internet while we were gone; I reasoned that it was too expensive, and my guy would have his phone so I really didn’t need it.

After the first 48 hours of reaching for my phone, only to find that exactly nothing had changed on it since the last time I checked, I settled in and got used to not being plugged in all of the time. I was actually wireless for the first time in quite a while. What I realized is that when you aren’t looking at your phone so often, you see little details that often get missed, like smiling people as you walk by and flowers growing in random places. And when I arrived at our hotel or someplace that offered wifi, I was grateful for the time that I had to use it and was much more intentional with my time.

Although I missed having unlimited wifi, I remarked at some point in the trip that it would be so great if we all had spotty coverage and limited access back at home,  because we could all slow down a little and see more around us. It was right about this time that our luggage got lost. For three days. That was about a quarter of our trip. With not one suitcase. We visited one complete city for three days in the same clothes the whole time, our bags never made it there. I guess I needed more help in the area of patience and slowing down, and this did the trick. Although it was difficult to go without, we noticed that we got up and out each day very quickly. All you do is shower and put yesterday’s clothes back on. Our life became greatly simplified. When we finally caught up to our luggage, we were so grateful to have access to our clothes and accessories. But I noticed something, we were no happier with our suitcases than we had been without, just as I was no more satisfied having wifi than I had been without it.We were in a foreign land together, seeing things we had never experienced before. And the details really didn’t matter at all.


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  1. I moved in to my own apartment in January. I’ve always had a roommate, but now I don’t so I’m careful with the way I spend. One thing I don’t have is the Internet or cable. And, my coworkers all just stare at me in disbelief when I say that. I have a few sites I frequent online and there are times throughout the day in which I have wifi, so I’m good. And, I definitely notice a lot. Those coworkers will come to my desk and stare at their phones while I talk to them, lol one person said she couldn’t help it. So, I’m glad you noticed the beauty around you along with your hubby in Spain. You’ll both have to agree to do it together one full day :’)

    1. Wow, you really get it! I think what you’re doing is so wise. We dropped cable over a year ago, only have the three networks now and don’t miss it a bit! In fact, it has made us a family who turns on the TV only to watch something specific, instead of one searching for something to watch. Intentionality. Love it. Do you read a lot at home, or how do you spend your alone time?

  2. When I was younger I enjoyed reading, but my reading usually comes from here and random articles saved on my phone (why do we sneeze) (flow of the heart) lol. I have had the same novel on my night stand for the past 3 months. I’ve been “almost done” all that time. Haha. I get off at 5 but I usually try to link up with friends or random associates just for human interaction. I’m an introvert so it’s easy for me to just stay to myself without noticing that I’m not connecting with others..and relationships are important. I try to keep that in mind But, I definitely live like a minimalist. Haha. 🙂

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