Each year we pull out all of the lights, decorations and garland to decorate for Christmas, like most folks. It is a tradition that I relish and my guy does not. This year was a little later than most because we were waiting for our girl to come home and help, she enjoys it about as much as I do. As I was pulling out the lights I noticed a pattern; on one side of the box were many sets of lights, tightly wound and carefully placed in circles and on the other side, chaos that had to be sorted through, unwound  and tested. I knew immediately who had put away which sets of lights, my guy is known for lacing extension cords into intricate braids before storing them in the garage, I am not.

This was just another visual reminder of how different my guy and I are. I am enthusiastic and on to the next thing before this one is completed, while he is more reserved but sure to finish well. We could be (and have been in the past) frustrated with the other for being wrong, or we can choose to appreciate the differences and celebrate the season for the right reasons in the right way. In your marriage there are bound to be differences that can sometimes feel like deal breakers, or we can decide to make room for the differences and even use them for the good of the relationship. It really is a choice.

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