Find the Humor

SurpriseThis will be short, I’m on a trip to visit our girl at missionary school, phones and laptops are allowed but not encouraged at this point. Today my guy sent me a picture of our living room after a couple of large dogs spent some time alone. Somehow they found school supplies (I’m not sure where those were) and they placed them strategically throughout the main floor of our home after chewing on glue sticks, pencils, pens and markets. The plastic containers holding the supplies are completely gone. I took one look at the picture and laughed.

Normally I am the one coming home to find the carnage and it’s never funny. Sometimes it’s irritating, other times it’s infuriating. Never funny to me.

I was reminded of so many times over the years when my guy would be out of town and call to check in, only to get a detailed list of the ways our children had upset me. His reply was almost always to try to calm me down and help me see the humor in the day. I rarely saw it.

It’s easier to have grace when there is some distance from the one needing it; your perspective changes and you see that whatever happened in the moment isn’t the whole story. Maybe I need to travel more, but I wish I could keep this long view and relax more about the chaos I find myself in, and maybe even laugh about it sometimes.

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  1. Amen. Amazing how many times I have gotten upset at something, only to look back in retrospect and feel foolish for having let it bother me so much. Working now to have the discipline in the moment to recognize this, and to see not only that things are “not so bad,” but might in fact be, as you suggest, pretty funny, even a blessing in disguise if I am willing to look.

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