Wish You Were Here


My guy is in Vegas for the weekend, staying at a triple five star hotel as a rewards trip for some customers.  A triple five means that it has earned the five star title as a hotel, a restaurant and a spa and there are only 13 hotels in the world that have this title. Last night’s dinner was many courses long with a wine pairing for each course and today the customers will race Ferrari’s on an open track. Tough weekend. I have been on many trips with my guy over the years, and we had planned for me to be able to join him on this once in a lifetime one, but the opportunity just fell apart as the time came closer; we are in a season where it’s not only difficult, it’s really not even responsible for both of us to leave our family. Sometimes when this reality hits I can feel sorry for myself or even mourn the fact that I’m missing some wonderful excursion with my guy. But last night when he texted me, saying, ‘I wish you were here’, I actually found myself thinking, ‘no way’….

Last night I had the opportunity to witness all three of my children be their best selves, stepping into the roles that God has laid out for each of them. In the matter of two hours I watched one young adult give her heart to the vulnerable, I saw another handle a difficult situation with grace and maturity and then I witnessed the progression of another moving from heartbreak to taking on the yoke of leadership. I had a front row, breathtaking view of the show of a lifetime last night, and all I could think was two things: To God be the glory, and man, I wish my guy was here!

I was reminded last night that even though we make good plans for ourselves, God always has better ones. I am so grateful that I got to stay back, eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and watch the show!

Here are the 13 Triple 5 star hotels: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestravelguide/2014/02/11/forbes-travel-guides-13-most-elite-five-star-properties-of-2014/

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  1. Nothing beats the sheer joy of seeing your children grow up and find themselves. It is a sign of a job well done and an unbeatable experience. God always has the best plans, and likely you will at some later stage get to go to awesome places with your man. For now, enjoy the proud mum and glory to God moments. xx

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