The Closer

puzzleMy guy is known in our house as ‘The Closer’. He won’t even glance at a 1000 piece puzzle until the bitter end, and he is the one who usually finishes off the cakes or cookies after everyone else has forgotten them. It’s often a joke in our family, but this really is a characteristic that I value greatly. You see, I tend to get excited at the front end of an idea, I like the dreaming and planning and beginning of new things, and will push through to the actual implementation, even while my interest is waning. Once the new has completely worn off and there is something else to grab my attention, The Closer kicks in. My guy will sit down to the minutia and wade through the details, and stay there until the work is completed. This trait is so important for our family and for the ministry that we do, because it allows us to work together to start something and even finish it strong.

I’m so glad God knew what he was doing in pairing us up with people who aren’t just like us, even though it is important to find someone with some important similarities. We have a choice in our marriages to get really frustrated with our spouse because they aren’t copies of us, or we can appreciate the blessing that this is the case. I wish it didn’t take me years to get it, but now I know that if it were up to just me, there would be a lot of incomplete puzzles laying around our house.

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