Buy the Ticket

rideMy guy is out of town this week, and last night he sent me an email about another trip he needs to take in a couple of months and he was asking me if I wanted to join him.

For some reason, I hesitated. Why is that? I love getting away with him whenever possible. I had to think through all the possibilities, expecting there to be a reason why I couldn’t go. Isn’t that close to a holiday? Is there a football game that weekend?  Fortunately it was an email, not a conversation, so he didn’t witness the turmoil.

It frustrates me that I default to ‘no’ so much of the time, and have to be talked into ‘yes’, especially when it comes to my guy. He has great ideas, so many more than I would ever think of.

So, I took a deep breath and quickly replied with one word, YES!

How about you, do you find it difficult to say yes to the people closest to you? Is there any correlation to having a difficult time saying no to others?

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  1. I’m usually on the other end of the spectrum, especially when it comes to ‘my guy’ or my friends! Wanna go jump off a bridge? YES! Wanna go spelunking? SURE! Wanna swing from tree to tree and then build a playground out of sticks! OK! Then I have to land back in reality and check the calendar and juggle this, schedule that, find dog sitters, account for where my children need to be and when… and juggle and juggle… I love how life is made up of many different types of people!

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