Get Off the Monkey Bars

TimeFor years my life was incredibly busy. I won’t bore you with the details, but I call that period of my life living monkey bar to monkey bar; as your hand is leaving a bar the other one is firmly grasping onto the next, with little thought of where you have been or where you are headed. The whole point was not to fall.

This worked for several years, I would make time for someone by dropping something else and I was always running late, once I had squeezed out all possible down time with busyness, all good stuff, I realized I had zero margin. I would drop into bed at night and sleep without moving until morning, only to go hard at it again.

I don’t think I could have stopped myself, so God moved us to another state. I’m not saying that God moved us because I was too busy, but I do believe it was a contributing factor. I have spent the last few years doing about 20% of the activities of my previous life and it has been wonderful. I have known that it was a season, but I have really enjoyed it.

Lately I have been putting more on the calendar and committing my time to people and organizations, and I want to remember this feeling of having the luxury of time.

Time to invest in myself and others.

Time to be creative.

Time to be what my family needs.

I want to chuck the monkey bars for good, to be present in the moment and to know where I’m headed.

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  1. This is SO true! I cut down about half of what I was doing and started being a Human Being instead of a Human Doing. Its so much more enjoyable to stop and enjoy life instead of rush through it not seeing any of the beauty God created!

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