Do You Hear What I Hear?

IMG_1588Yep, more than 4500 songs in a month, you read that right. And that wasn’t a big month for us, just normal. We play music on the main floor almost every waking hour of the day, and it serves several purposes: music calms, encourages, reminds and revs us up, it replaces the chatter of a TV  that no one is watching and it provides a lot of conversation when questions are asked about various songs and genres. It’s a pretty big deal when we add a new playlist, everybody notices, and we actually discuss when it’s appropriate to switch to all Christmas tunes. When our oldest would come home from college last year, she said what she wanted most was to sit on the couch and listen to our music while I cooked dinner. Easy enough.

I hope our children have many wonderful memories of the years they live in our home, and I expect there to be a soundtrack playing in the background!

3 thoughts on “Do You Hear What I Hear?

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  1. Have you ever bothered the read the criteria that Pandora uses to group the songs. It’s quite fascinating how they use the Music Genome Project to bundle the stations. I love the flexibility the thumbs up/down gives you in fine-tuning your stations.

    1. I have, and you’re right, it’s fascinating! It’s amusing to me that my Christian stations contain secular music and vice versa, I have always said that I wished radio stations would ply both!

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