I am attending a funeral today for a nineteen year old who committed suicide. Please look around and notice the teens that God has placed in your life.

See them, and tell them that you see them. Then listen to them as much as they will talk. Then speak hope and life into them.

Please take four minutes to listen to this beautiful song and read the stats on teen suicide in our country. It’s alarming and it’s real.


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  1. Thanks, Jen. Reminds me of words that were spoken at my Uncle’s memorial service this weekend.

    A woman that he mentored and spoke truth into for years quoted them for us: He said to her (on a continual basis), “I see you, I know you, I love you, I delight in you!”

    These are words we need to sincerely speak into each other. Whether teen or adult.

    I appreciate you sharing your heart via your blog and you too are loved.

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