Teen Wisdom

coasterA secret to parenting your teenager? Refuse to get on the roller coaster with her. Be willing to stand on solid ground and watch her ride, waving as she goes by. But never, ever strap yourself in beside her.

Your teen doesn’t really want someone sitting next to her, she needs someone who is stable and consistent, someone who cares enough to watch the entire ride. And is there as she walks away from the coaster, ready for the next big adventure.

2 thoughts on “Teen Wisdom

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  1. So very true and needs to be done while they are young because it is way more difficult to change when they are older. However, there are circumstances in which when they are in crisis, they need a stable environment to hold on to until they receive counseling. Thanks for the post!

  2. Yes, exactly. Sometimes it’s hard when they make bad choices to not feel like we are o a roller coaster, but I love the way you phrased it- needing someone consistent and stable.

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