coincidenceDo you ever find yourself standing in your closet, looking for a specific top to wear and it’s not there? I mean, it is gone. So you choose something else to wear and don’t think much of it. Next day, or a couple of days later, there you are again, looking for something to wear and that missing shirt is right in front of you. Does this happen to anyone else? What is that? I have known for certain that an item is there, visualizing right where it should be, taking each garment one by one (when my mind is made up, I can be pretty determined) and still not see it. Over time I have stopped getting frustrated and accepted it as a sign that maybe I was wrong about what should be worn that day.

Then sometimes I will write a blog post that I want for a specific day. I will put the words together and find a picture or video to go along with it, taking time to make it look and feel the way I think it should. I will go through all the motions, and sometimes for no reason the post won’t publish. It will disappear, or claim to be there when it clearly isn’t, or just remain in a drafts folder, no matter how many times I try to evict it. This happened just today, and it’s starting to be kind of amusing. Over time I have stopped getting frustrated and accepted it as a sign that maybe I was wrong about what should be written that day.

I don’t want to over-spiritualize the happenings in my life, but I sure don’t want to under-spiritualize them, either. Maybe God whispered to a woman that a frazzled mom in a pink shirt would be safe to talk to at the coffee shop one day, or perhaps God has a clear message for a specific person on just the right day through this little rambling blog. I do know that if I allow myself to get all spun up on not wearing what I had planned, or writing what I was thinking, then I am not going to be available to be used by God for the benefit of others. I have heard for years that He is the God of details, and I have pushed back in thinking that He couldn’t possibly care about all those little things that are going on in my life.

And then I get reminded again by some crazy coincidence that can only be ascribed to God’s plan and timing. I don’t get it, but maybe that’s the point.


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  1. You put this into words perfectly! As I’ve gotten more comfortable with ‘not getting it’ I’ve begun thanking God, in the middle of those moments, for the ways he protects and moves me into spaces and situations that I would never plan. (I’m thinking of many lost key incidents – sound familiar?)

    I used to get so upset when my work appointment schedule was perfectly timed out and a client was late or would cancel at the last minute. When I started the habit of whispering prayers of thanks about my schedule I noticed the ways that it always worked out better than the original schedule. One time my sister had a medical emergency at exactly the time that a color client scheduled. Often, a child will need something during those moments. If nothing else, I thank God for the few moments where no one needs me.

    You communicated this so well without being super-spiritually-sweet. Love it!!!!

  2. Ten thousand little miracles, I like that. I’m hoping that someday we get to see behind the curtain and really understand. Till then, I’ll be the one scratching my head and trying not to get too frustrated. Thanks for taking the time, Dysu.

  3. Love this post! Reminded of William Cowper’s poem,
    “God moves in a mysterious way
    His wonders to perform…”
    God remains a mystery! His works are indescribable and inexplicable. And all we need to do is trust Him with the “whatever” and “whenever”. At those moments when I don’t get it, I’d imagine God telling me, “I’ve got this, Vincy. Trust Me.” Well, that’s the only part that makes sense in the end 🙂

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