Anybody Seen My Car Keys?

keysSeveral weeks ago I noticed that one set of my car keys was missing. I looked in all the usual places but didn’t mention it to my guy because he HATES to lose things, gets very frustrated and tends to focus only on the finding. I knew they weren’t completely lost anyway, just not in the place where they should be. Misplaced. So I said nothing and quickly forgot about them.
Then last week I lost the other set of keys. I mean, they are GONE. We can re-trace our steps and remember when I had them last and where they should be as a result, and they are not there. Or anyplace else. We have spent a lot of time over the long weekend searching for the ability to drive my car again.
How does this happen? Why does this happen? I have several theories: there is a lesson in it for me to appreciate my mobility, and not take it for granted. My children have had the opportunity to see that I make big mistakes too (pretty sure they knew this one already), and my family has shown me a lot of grace over the last few days. It has been humbling to have to admit that I cannot drive my car and to find alternate transportation.
Now I have to call the dealership and find a way to get my car to them to create another set of keys. I think this is going to be an expensive lesson for me, both in time and money.
We have a high schooler who struggles in school. He has a lot of friends and has a whole lot of fun, but the daily rigor of schoolwork sometimes gets the best of him. We know he is in trouble when he stops talking to us about his classes, so then we check on his progress. It is as though we read from a family script of quiet/checking/threatening/confessing/achieving/repeat and we have all played our parts in this for years.
As parents we know that life would be so much easier if he would just buckle down and do the work placed in front of him, or at least reach out to us when he is struggling and ask for help. But then I am reminded of my own weaknesses when I lose my second set of keys.
I am thankful for a God who gently places reminders and cautions in our paths, humbling us and loving us all the way.


2 thoughts on “Anybody Seen My Car Keys?

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  1. Our kids are very much reminders in humility. It’s so valuable for them to see us make mistakes–because they realize that no one is perfect, and they learn that they don’t have to be, either. It usually takes me a while to come around to that truth, but when I finally do, I thank God for the mistakes that are teaching them and me.

    On another note, I hope you either find your car keys or get another set quickly!

  2. I found both sets! Whew!
    When our oldest was in kindergarten, the teacher told us parents that one of the best things we could do was to share our mistakes with our kids, because in their eyes we never spill or forget or disobey! Profound.

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