Lots of Moving Parts

balanceMy guy and I are leaving very soon for a trip of a lifetime, Europe for two weeks! It’s my first time across the pond and I’m having a hard time accepting the fact that we are really doing this. In just a few days. I have so many lists in my head and on paper, I’m sure I’m forgetting something significant in preparation.

There was a time in my life when it would have been a matter of making sure I have my passport and some clean clothes. I had an opportunity to visit my college roommate before our junior year while she lived in England, but didn’t go. Why not? Today I have no idea.

These days I have to make sure our teens are taken care of (it truly does take a village), our pets are covered (three are rescue pets – high maintenance), our house is in order for all the people that will still be coming through even without us here, as well as the usual bills being paid, lunches being made and checks written and forms filled out. These days, our family is made up of lots of moving parts. Parts that will continue to move, whether I am here or not.

I have a choice in this: I can try to control it all from afar or I can get out of the way and let the village step in and do some things differently than I would, probably a whole lot better! I can fool myself into believing that I am so important to the process that I cannot enjoy being away from it, or I can be grateful that so many special people are willing to step in and help us go on a dream vacation. Today I choose the latter, and am hoping to be able to continue to do so. Ciao!

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  1. Have a wonderful time! John and I went to Spain in 2012 and our 16 yr old promptly lost his cell phone! I stressed but ‘the village’ handled it with no problems.

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