What Is Your Hawk?

hawkFor several years now I’ve had a theory and I am not at all interested in having anyone debunk it. In the past I had heard of people noticing something unusual, and attributing it to God; a certain song is played, lights come on for no reason, a certain animal is seen….that kind of thing. Some people believe when they witness one of these events, it’s a sign or a message from God. For the longest time I didn’t have anything like that, but about ten years ago I started noticing hawks. At first it was a novelty, really surprising each time one appeared, but then I started looking for them and was amazed at how often I would spy one nearby.

There are two main times when I tend to see a hawk: when I am questioning God and when I am fearful. I often pray out loud when I’m driving and I ask God a lot of questions, many times starting with the word ‘why’. I don’t often get an audible answer but I will invariably see a hawk within a couple of minutes of asking. I credit this to God, and view it as reassurance that He has it covered or confirmation that I am on the right path. There have been times when I have been very afraid – on the way to a doctors’ appointment or driving in an unknown place that feels unsafe and a hawk will appear, reassuring me that God sees me and knows how I feel, and again, He’s got it covered.

It may sound ridiculous, but I really don’t care. I’m not looking for validation because I truly feel like this is my own special signal to help me stay balanced when I’m likely to lose it. My question to you is this: what is your hawk? What outward sign do you have that reminds you that there is more at work than just what we can see, and that God is experiencing this life right along with you?

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  1. I don’t actually have one — but I do know multiple couples who have went through fertility issues and claim that the rainbow or double rainbow was used by God to minister to their hearts through the season.

  2. Oh my goodness I love this post! Songs are always it for me. The radio, Pandora, shuffle on the cd player. Just last week I was struggling with whether I was hearing God correctly. As I told him out loud in the car that I was giving it to him, that he needed to carry it, Amy Grant’s Carry You popped on Pandora. That song was my companion through long nights after my first miscarriage. God whispered again to my heart that he never intended for me to carry all this heaviness alone.

    1. That is just beautiful. What station do you listen to on Pandora? My current favorite is Mumford & Sons, if I listen to it long enough it’s Christian music and harmonizing groups with lots of instruments….love it!

  3. There is always a song, rainbow/falling star, anything that is out of the blue is MY God wink. I won’t debunk your theory. ..some have said sime things about my “falling” “shooting” star but, God captured my attention and spoke to my heart…:-)

  4. The hawk in my husband’s family is a cardinal. I don’t know how it started, but when my in-laws used to consider moving somewhere, they based their decision on whether or not they saw a cardinal–God’s sign to them. The cardinals always led them where they were supposed to be! Years later, my hubby and I made the final decision on a move in the same way. It was the right decision.

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